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Urban Kitchen memperkenalkan sistem baru transaksi, menggunakan kartu untuk pemesanan dan pembayaran yang lebih praktis. Membantu anda memahami metode baru yang praktis tersebut, kami berikan panduan di bawah ini.
card1 • Ketika masuk ke Urban Kitchen anda akan diberi sebuah kartu untuk digunakan ketika anda memesan makanan dan minuman.
card 2 • Tunjukkan kartu kepada petugas tenant ketika anda memesan makanan dan minuman. Petugas tenant akan menggesekan kartu anda pada mesin untuk memasukkan data pesanan anda.
card 3 • Tunjukkan kartu kepada petugas kasir ketika akan keluar dari Urban Kitchen. Petugas kasir akan kembali menggesek kartu anda pada mesin kasir untuk mengetahui total tagihan anda.
card 4 • Anda tinggal membayar tagihan sesuai dengan jumlah yang tertera di kasir. Pembayaran bisa dilakukan secara tunai, menggunakan kartu kredit atau kartu debit.


Press Release Urban Kitchen Pacific Place
With the constant growth of population in Jakarta, the F&B business have taken on a new dimension.  Consumers are more demanding than ever looking for convenience, taste, and price in mind.  Due to the constant increase in traffic, great food is just too much effort to obtain.  The development of Urban Kitchen evolved around the above consumer needs in mind.   The launching of the first Urban Kitchen was in March 2006 and the response was beyond expectation.  The success of the Senayan City outlet marked the beginning of the Urban Kitchen Franchise.  The equation simply works!

In March 15th 2008, Urban Kitchen opens its doors to public on the 5th floor of Pacific Place.  Pacific Place is the newest edition of Jakarta’s ever growing malls which is located within the SCBD area.  The Sudirman Central Business District is the center of Indonesia’s financial industries with the Jakarta Stock Exchange and other prominent office buildings nesting around it.

The development of Urban Kitchen’s interior concept evolved around the surrounding area itself.  The classic details and features take on the older financial establishments such as New York Wall Street and London Stock Exchange.  The classic elements are clearly visible within the details and contour of Urban Kitchen’s interior.  From the curved railings, contoured walls, and even the classic carvings of the menu board, and mirror frames, the interior will feast your eyes for style.

The overall mood of Urban Kitchen Pacific place was designed to optimized the natural lighting that goes through the gigantic glass of the building itself.  The dining area is naturally lit by the sunlight that provides a spacious feel over urban Kitchen’s 1200 Sqm area.  Obviously the most popular seats are one that is stretched alongside the window providing a view of Jakarta’s prominent business district.

The best part of Urban Kitchen has always been the abundant choices for food where every one’s taste is catered for.  Dishes from Asia and the West are represented by respective kitchens that have existing operation outside of Urban Kitchen.  The management of Urban Kitchen has continuously strived to improve the quality and selection of Kitchen operator within our operation.  The following are what we have compiled for Urban Kitchen Pacific Place.

Quick Eats:
Specializing in Hot Chocolate, waffles, and cupcakes Chocolot is one of Urban Kitchen’s favorite.  Since opening their first operation in Senayan City they have expanded to Pacific Place and Plaza Indonesia.  Nothing but quality chocolate and ingredients are infused in the all their products providing you with rich taste and texture.

New York Deli & Caswell Coffee
A long awaited brand for quality sandwich and salad.  They also feature their own Caswell’s coffee which is roasted in-house at their Kemang location.  This is a definite treat for the expatriate community around BEJ.

Family Cakery
Serving homemade Indonesian pastries and sweet treats, they will be a favorite to all the Arisan Madames.

Western Selection:
La Scala
Joining for the second time in Urban Kitchen Pacific Place La Scala has proven that their pizza and pasta are among the best in the business.  To jump start your day try the Pizza Judas, with its crispy crust and crunchy Rawit as one of the topping ingredients.  Another new addition to the menu is the Baked Rice with Seafood Topping Italian Style!   

Hot Pepper
Serving classic American food from Juicy Burgers to sizzling fajita, Hot Pepper is probably one of the few operators who strictly maintain their quality of food at an affordable price.  Chicken Fajitas and

Indonesian Selection:
Bumbu Desa
Their success in Bandung was one not to be missed.  Their Bandung location is a very popular destination for Jakartans who frequent Bandung as their weekend getaway.  This will be their first time to establish an operation in a first class mall.  Their food display and never ending selections are simply a drool over

Bebek Goreng Kedai Jawa
Bebek Goreng Garing Sambal Hijau and Ikan Mas Balita Goreng Renyah is the trade mark of this kitchen operator.  The Ayam Goreng Kedai Jawa is also one dish that should not be overlooked.  This operator’s history started at Laksono Sundanese Restaurant at Batu Ceper in the 90s.  They were known for the super hot SAMBAL and crispy Ayam Goreng.

Sambalero Padang Restaurant
Probably one of the oldest Padang Restaurant in Jakarta.  This “old school,” padang first open its store in the 1970s along JL. Kopi of Central Jakarta.  They are known for their spicy Rendang and Ayam Kalio to name the least.  In Urban Kitchen Pacific Place they have included the ever popular Sate Blora.  Just right for the fast paced BEJ individuals whose time is a factor.

Nasi Liwet Keprabon
One of UK Senayan City super star kitchen operator, they never miss to clean up their kitchen daily.  My personal favorites are the Bakmi Goreng Jawa featuring the chewy fish cakes and the Nasi Goreng Jawa.  There is no comparison in quality and taste for these particular two dishes.

Kedai Buntut
This is a new comer in the F&B world featuring an all Buntut Menu.  BBQ Buntut, Nasi Goreng Buntut, Rawon Buntut, Soto Buntut are some of their star items.  To no surprise they have been the top 3 performer in Urban Kitchen for the past 3 weeks.

Asian Selection:
Everyone should know this particular outfit that was the master mind of the upscale Blowfish Japanese restaurant.  Sushigroove has operation in Jakarta, Bandung, and Malaysia.  They are probably one of the few home grown restaurant operators with international notoriety.  Their creative fusion rolls will speak for itself!

Mangkok Putih
Started as a little noodle shop with 45 seating in JL. Mendawai, Mangkok Putih has grown into a Noodle Bar with multiple outlets around Jakarta and a cult following.  Just choose the noodles according to your preference and most probably Mangkok Putih has them in their menu.  Duck Noodle, Shrimp Cakwe, Hokian Noodle are some of their popular treats.

I-ta Suki
One of Urban Kitchen’s newest addition and we are honored to have this Suki Phenomenon as one of our kitchen partner.  Their outlet in Pluit and Senayan city are never lacking with customers who take their weekly pilgrimage to taste the special broth of their Suki.  For Urban Kitchen they have customized their portioning to individual demand.

Café Hue
Good Vietnamese food is very hard to come by in Jakarta, especially if you are a connoisseur.  Many Vietnamese operators replace their noodles with the local Kwetiaw counter parts.  At Café Hue there are no compromise with the quality of noodle used which are flown in from Vietnam.  With 2 operations in Houston, Texas they have got the taste on the spot for those who have tasted Vietnamese Food in the States.

Imperial Duck
From the name itself you know that the Roast Duck is what this particular operator specialize in.  A rich assortment of Dim Sum and your typical Wonton Noodle and other Chinese favorites are available.  Just look for the hanging Roast Duck and Steam Chicken and you are there.

Han Gang Korean Kitchen
Korean operated kitchen with outlets in JL. Santa, which cater mostly to the Korean community of Jakarta.  The Bul Kalbi, Bul Gogi, and assortment of Bibimbab are the champion dish.  Pajon (Korean Pan Cakes) are also a recommended item here in this kitchen.

Bangkok Bistro
All the usual Thai dishes are available here, but my personal favorite is the Suki noodles.  This particular dish is not common in other Thai restaurants but you can have it as Dry or Soup here at Bangkok Bistro.  Another special is the “Roti” which is similar to the local martabak telor but it is for the sweet tasting individuals. 

With all the food choices available in Urban Kitchen it’s no wonder that people have flocked to Urban Kitchen for many of their casual events. 
Family gathering is always good as there will be no more arguments between children and the elderly over what kind of food to choose.  There must be something for everyone here with over 300 items to choose from.

Reunions and Arisan Groups are very common here at Urban Kitchen.  Besides the variety of food to choose from, individuals will only pay for what they eat.  No more those awkward moments when everyone tries to decide who takes care of the bill.  It so simple with the Urban Kitchen Card system

The availability of free Wi-Fi in both locations will allow people to have casual meetings or just plain browsing with a cup of hot coffee and light snacks on the table.  Not to mention that a spacious smoking section is available in both Senayan City and Pacific Place outlet.

Urban Kitchen Senayan City
Senayan City 5th floor,
Jl.Asia Afrika Lot 19 Jakarta 10270
P  +62 21 7278 1555
F  +62 21 7278 1575

Urban Kitchen Pacific Place
Pacific Place 5th Floor
Kawasan SCBD Sudirman Jakarta



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Bingung dengan banyaknya pilihan
makanan dan minuman? Urban Kitchen
merekomendasikan 15 menu favorit
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referensi. Silakan baca dulu daftarnya
sebelum anda menjatuhkan pilihan.
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urban talks
frame Pasha, 27 Th, IT Programmer
Tempatnya enak buat duduk-duduk sambil ngobrol. Suasananya santai, gue belum coba makanannya tapi gue suka banget sama Choc Shot-nya Chocalot.
frame Ifa, 20 Th,

Suka banget sama musiknya, chill gitu, terus senang karena makanannnya beda sama food court biasa, pilihannya banyak, enaknya lagi kasirnya cuma satu jadi bayarnya gak repot.
frame Corey, 20 Th,

Tempatnya nyaman banget bikin betah duduk lama-lama, makanannya juga enak, nggak ngebosenin. Bikin program diskon untuk mahasiswa dong!
frame Tami, 23 Th, Account Executive
Tempatnya luas banget, interiornya keren bikin betah lama-lama disini. Gue suka banget sama konsepnya, praktis. Makanannya juga seru, beda banget sama food court lain yang isinya kebanyakan fast food.
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